Wishful Teaching

Just Ask!   I'm beginning my public education career and taking notes along the way.

First day of school

…tough! I’m so worn out from talking and trying to say the “right things” to these kids so they’ll give me a chance and not start immediately acting a fool in my classroom! I think today went okay except one class where I started talking about my backgroundand was afraid to stop because I didn’t know what activity we were going to do next. Mainly I didn’t want them getting bored today, but I guess it’s not expected by most to get into too much material during the first few days. I think I was hard on myself but I’m nervous being new to this! Tomorrow will come and I get to do it all over. Yes, I’m going back :-) lesson learned today: I just gotta keep on top of planning and copying materials for use in class. That prep is tough!

— 2 years ago
Professional development

A little more than a week in and I’m up to my eyeballs in this proffesional development stuff. What I really need/want/must get is some more time to finalize my plans for the first days with the kids. That’s Monday. I still don’t have my class rosters but I have my schedule. I will be teaching two sections of Medical Biotechnology 1 , two sections of Avdanced Biotech, and one of Medical Biotech 2!

— 2 years ago
Day 1

New Teacher In-service was held today for all teachers new to my school.  It was fantastic to finally get to meet a few of the students at the school, albeit none of them from my biotech program.  The two students who gave our group the tour of the building were so professional and committed to doing a good job!  

Let’s see….I also got into my classroom for the first time today and had the chance to start looking through the files and cabinets with materials that the previous teacher left behind.  I wanted to find the curriculum files today but I didn’t get to that before my mentor teacher found me and started sharing her WEALTH of info with me.  She gave me lots of words of wisdom today and is going to help me get my room in shape for the first day of school.  I’m glad she’s an experienced mentor who seems to relish the role.  

The sadder part of today was that I was told the the really cheerful department head that i just LOVED in the interview has resigned.  That was really disappointing news but I’m glad she was there for the dinner the Principal held for us at the end of the day.  It sounds like she’s be around for a few weeks while they find her replacement so I’ll just enjoy her while we got her!  

I’m totally exhausted from the day so more to come after I get some good sleep!

— 2 years ago
The Quiet


This is the last Saturday I will have before starting my experience in “the Way of the Teacher”.  It’s been nearly seven months since I quit my wonderful paying, but completely unfulfilling, job working from home (!) in biotech.  Nearly five months since I packed up my life in California and moved to Texas, cashing in on a self-promise made years earlier to leave by a certain milestone birthday.  And four months since I decided to pursue becoming a school teacher, returning to the dreams of my childhood.  In the time since, I have had more time on my hands than I possibly knew what to do with.  And now it is quickly coming toan end.  On Tuesday, I am going to be a capital-T Teacher.  

I just need to let that soak in a little bit longer!!

— 2 years ago
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